Saturday, 23 April 2011

Writer's Blocks a Bitch

Okay, I guess it's kind of a well an insult to not have written anything in like 4-5months. HOWEVER I do have my excuse (it's in the title :P) but alas I must confess this is sorta kinda a lie as I did sorta kinda know what I wanted to talk about but.... THAT'S IN THE PAST, I'm here now! :P Better late than never ...

Live for the future and the moment.Not the past, right?


You never know what's going to happen next. You can plan, well try.  You can say to yourself "tomorrow I'm going to do c/w and then the day after I'm going to go to college" HOWEVER my petite fleur (little flower in French (I can't speak French but fuck it love the way it sounds :D) who has a really bland life I might add, you may find yourself having an epiphany and deciding education is not for you and run off with your half Hispanic half German and a quarter black boyfriend to sail the seven seas and live in Saudi Arabia too learn the ways of Aladdin and abo. I kid, never the less my point still stands, you never really know what's going to happen.

In reality (a place a rarely visit) we deal with our emotions daily may it be hate , happiness, sadness e.c.t.  and we may have an idea about what's going to happen tomorrow, but do we really KNOW?think about it. Fucked up and amazing things happen to people every day or one day your emotions just take hold of you and you might just snap. You can try to plan every intricate detail of your life but life isn't meant to be planned its meant to be LIVED! So may live but are not alive ...

So think about it do you really want to sail through life trying to do everything right, and try to attain the unattainable dream of perfection, then get stressed out and hate yourself afterwards because no-ones perfect. 


Do you just wanna say FUCK IT!! I've only got one shot at this might as well make it count!! Make some stupid mistakes, do things I really shouldn't have done,have FUN ,concur those the IMPOSSIBLE, not be afraid to embarrass yourself in public. Not give a fuck what people think at times and just BE YOURSELF even if you don't know who you are. 

Don't just live be ALIVE. Cause you never know what's going to happen tomorrow...

Be happy :D

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Being Happy

Why is it so hard for us as people in general to be happy? To say fuck it... and just be yourself? Maybe its cause most of us don't know who we are? So just pretend ( so i and most of us call them being fake) It's easy to become lost in many things like your thoughts and shiz and just your emotions in general... But you can't forget who you are as a person or try to be any-one else cause between you and me mate it just won't work cause as your not happy in yourself... How will you be happy in any-thing?


But enough of  that cause, I don't want to talk about that now (well i'm allowed to change by mind aren't i?) But still going on topic of being happy.

For the first time in a long time... WOW like months or maybe years. I'm happy (suck it bitches) :P and not because I'm "in love"  (like some girl teenagers who find happiness and meaning in being a relationship them girls piss me of btw) or some other thing like cause the boy i liked talked to me at school (which could never happen seeing as I got to a girls school but still :D) I'm happy cause I've got great mates! DUN KNOW and cause life is too short to find negativity in everything it's better to appreciate and be happy in the things you do ,have in your life than to focus on all the things you don't. And yea I know life won't always be perfect and shiz cause i'm human and i will fuck up once or twice (knowing me like 8000 times this year) but you gotta stay positive or else you'll end up all depressed and shit and eww why would you want to be depressed all the time? thats shit ( and thats why i will never get emo's)

But yeaaa. Walleva :D

Taking each day as it comes

Be happy mate :D